I have nothing to wear…….

02 Aug

Oh no!!! I’ve gained a stone! Clearly it doesn’t take a genius to work out that I did this to myself but A WHOLE STONE!! Whilst I know I’ve been slowly gaining weight the full horror of my situation didn’t hit me until yesterday when I tried to get into one of my fave tea dresses from Vivien of Holloway.

I struggled with the zip and once it was up realised just how unforgiving the fitted waistline was – not to mention that I dare not breathe out too deeply as I could feel the seams straining!

As I looked at my wardrobe filled with so many vintage repro dresses and one or two truly vintage pieces, not to mention my vast collection of Freddie of Pinewood jeans the full extent of my problem hit me “I haven’t a thing to wear!” Or at least anything that makes me feel my best.

I’ve managed to gain this weight in just two months – and in truth I can’t complain as I’ve had a great time gaining it. You see for an initial eight months I’ve been concentrating on organising my wedding which of course included getting fit and fabulous for my wedding dress.

Strict diet, gym sessions and restraint were the order of the day till the big day in May. Once the wedding was over there was the week-long mini moon in London involving a lot of Prosecco, fine wines and even finer foods as my palate rediscovered forbidden foods.

That was followed by a promise to eat properly after the full honeymoon which followed in July (I know I know so I enjoyed June too!!). As that involved Slovenia and Italy including Venice I have to admit  croissants, pasta, Prosecco and gelato became my firm friends….. tape-measure-around-croissant-13323058So now I’ve had that non-fitting dress shock I’m getting my bum in gear. Motivation comes on two fronts – one I don’t want to spend all of summer missing out on my fave dresses and two I’ve got a birthday in six weeks.

But no drastic measures for me – it’s sensible eating, a tad less alcohol and yes I’m going back to the gym. Unlike some people who swear by the gym I can’t say it does great things for but I persevere as it’s more about taking positive action.

I’m hanging a great dress – another VoH, but this is my circle dress which I intend to be wearing on my birthday – as a motivator on my wardrobe door.
Wish me luck!!


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