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I’m back and I’ve finally found my mojo!

I’m back and I’ve finally found my mojo!

Gosh it sure has been a long long time since I posted on my blog. I’d taken an unexpected break when life threw some tough curve balls at me. But now I’m back, standing strong and ready to face the world again.

I hadn’t even worn vintage or repro items for about three years😱 as I’d just abandoned that side of my life. But you can’t keep a good girl down and I’m pleased to say I’ve been dusting off my collection, adding to it and am back out with head and hat raised high and petticoats fluffed up😂

To start with I’m back dancing – and that alone is enough to put a smile on a girls face. I love jiving and I took myself off to Adrian Marsh School of Dance. Husband and wife team Adrian and Sarah have been teaching me on and off since I moved to Leighton Buzzard six years ago. They welcomed me back and after a short stint in beginners to up my confidence and re-jig my memory I’m now back in intermediates. And as if that wasn’t enough I’ve also started a beginners class with them but this time learning as a man.  I can’t believe just how much I’m enjoying that – clearly I like to lead 😂.

One should always have something to look forward to so I booked tickets to the Festival of Vintage in York. My long suffering hubby was up for a weekend away so didn’t mind York as it’s such a beautiful place and I also had time to see one of best friends who moved there a few years ago.

Oh my – I felt liked I’d taken a step back in time – the cars, the music, and seeing so many people just dressed so beautifully made my day and was a real lift to the spirits. My fave moment was when this lovely lady found me drooling over her car which had a no sitting sign on – and asked me if I’d like to sit in it😮 Would I ever!! I felt like I should be heading down the Amalfi Coast for a picnic and was especially pleased that my Dolly and Dotty dress and Rocket Originals red Ida suede shoes looked fab too.

Viva a Vintage

Slipping into the past at the Festival of Vintage

Now probably isn’t a good time to mention the shopping at the event! Let’s just say that not only did I pick up a few bargains but I also had time the next day to drop into Bowlers in the town centre – but that’s another story.

Last but not least the Festival has a choice of two extra evening events – a speakeasy or a 1940s session. Obviously I chose the latter which was held at the gorgeous De Grey rooms. Another opportunity to dress up and take to the dance floor of course! This time in a lovely green and cream Collectif teamed with Rocket Originals in cream leather.

York evening dancing

Taking a stroll at the De Grey rooms

Well it’s good to be back and even if no one reads this but me I’m happy because Viva’s back!

(Vintage Vapours – fits of passion for vintage fashion)


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Forget the Oscars…have you got a Liebster Award?

awards - royalty free

‘Tis the season to be jolly – well let’s face it Spring has finally sprung and if that doesn’t make you feel like you’re a winner then you must be six feet under!

I am indeed an award winner as earlier this year received I a Liebster award from Adele of My Last Dollar Dress. You can check out her blog here. As I understand it, a Liebster award encourages people to share information about themselves and promote other bloggers who have less than 200 followers. You answer 11 things about yourself, then set up another 11 questions and choose up to 11 candidates.Go to their pages/Twitter to let them know and hey presto, it’s their turn.

Well so far so good – I think I can manage that and it certainly made me think for a minute or two 🙂

Here are my responses to Adele’s questions.

1) What is your favourite flower?

I  must be the only girl in the world who doesn’t like getting flowers! I’m so lazy I really can’t be bothered with that cutting of stalks, feeding food and refreshing the water. Can I say I like flowers in my jewellery? I have loads of earrings and brooches in different flower shapes – and they don’t fade or die off!

2) Who is your favourite designer?

Haven’t got one – I always think dressing well is about knowing your personal style and body shape rather than a slave to any one designer. Well cut skirts and dresses including evening wear, fitted tops, high waisted trousers and fitted jackets from just about anywhere are my thing. I will say that for vintage repro I do tend to get my tops and shoes from Rocket Originals and all my jeans are from Freddies of Pinewood as no one does anything half so well as them!

3) Who was your favourite teacher at school?

I actually have three who made a major impact on me. The first was the new headteacher in my last year of primary school, Lionel Riches (yes that really was his name!). He was the first authority figure in my life who ever actually asked me on any of the occasions WHY I did something that had got me into trouble rather than just punishing me. The others were my English teacher Lorraine Kelleher and head of House Fran Long, at my secondary school. Lorraine fed my love of English with so many extra books and worked my socks off to get me thinking and end my boredom and Fran taught me how to get a handle on my temper. Can honestly say that those three, rather than my parents set my feet on the path to being a reasonable and useful member of society 😉

4) Do you have any inspirational quotes that you love?

I’m always seeing quotes all over the place that inspire me and tend to copy them onto the covers of my notepads. Just recently there was one for Jack Daniels Whiskey that said “No one ever built a monument to a committee” – that really made me stop, think and chuckle.  But two of my favourites are Jenny Lauren who said “Love your body – it’s the home you live in” and my own personal mantra is “If you go through life without making choices and allow life to make them for you, then you deserve everything that happens to you. Life is for living so choose to live.”

5) If you could be granted 3 wishes, what would you wish for?

Great health 100% of the time – Generally I’m in pretty good shape but I could definitely do without the migraines i sometimes get. And Time – I never seem to have enough so that would be wonderful. I’m not greedy so those two wishes would be good enough for me 🙂 although world peace wouldn’t be a bad choice for number three!

6) If you had to choose only one pair of shoes to wear for the rest of your life, and throw away the rest, which pair would you save?

Only one pair! For a woman who owns more than 70 pairs I think that’s an impossible choice. Different shoes are needed for different occasions! I just don’t think I could get it down to one choice. But if I was walking around the countryside for the rest of my life I’d want my rugged boots whereas if I was dancing and sharing an evening with family and friends I’d take my metallic red kitten heeled ribbon bow tied ones!

7) Do you have a favourite store on etsy – vintage or otherwise?

Nope! But my favourite vintage store is Ollie Vees in Leighton Buzzard – everything from records to buttons and zips and recently they added a coffee bar. Every time I even peek through the window on my way home after they’re shut I see something I must have and find myself phoning up to reserve it!!

8) Describe your perfect day.

Waking up without an alarm, then spending time walking outdoors with my guy before dressing up for cinema and dinner at the Rex and the Gatsby in Berkhamsted – a 1930s refurbished cinema and restaurant.

9) How long do you think you’ll continue to blog?

For as long as I can find the time! and interesting things to share. I started the blog to reach out to others with the same interests since no family or friends are remotely interested in the 1940s and 1950s.

10) Recommend a musician/band that I should listen to.

Si Cranstoun – anything he sings just makes you want to start jiving.

11) What is your favourite thing about yourself?

My capacity to adapt. I’m quite a girly girl and love dressing up but I can just as easily deal with a blocked washing machine or get covered in grease tackling the broken side stand of my motorbike rather than wait for my bloke to rescue me. Although if I truly am at risk of breaking a nail I’m pleased that my guy is happy to step up and be my hero 🙂


Award picNow I will admit that I got nominated in February and meant to respond straightaway but as you can see time did indeed march on without me and we’re almost at the end of April. So I won’t take it personally if any of my nominees do the same or fail to respond 😛

And I nominate:

I’ve added links where I can so you can also go straight to their blogs.

question markAnd here are my questions:

  1. How or where did your love of vintage begin?
  2. If there was one person, dead or alive, whom you could style, who would it be and why?
  3. Why did you start your blog?
  4. Recommend a good book to me whether it’s instructional, factual or fictional?
  5. Who do you credit with having the biggest impact on you?
  6. What do you like best about yourself?
  7. Recommend a great cafe and say why?
  8. Chocolate or alcohol?
  9. Flats or high heels?
  10. What three things can’t you live without (apart from immediate family, partner or pet)?
  11. If I gave you £100 what would you spend it on?

I look forward to reading your answers, and my thanks to Adele for nominating me for my first Liebster award!



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Also available on Facebook!

Technology is a wonderful thing – keeping in touch with the blog has never been easier thanks to those handy gadgets such as Blackberry’s, Iphones, Ipads, Samsung Galaxy’s and anything else you can think of that comes in tablet/touchscreen form 🙂

Vintage Vapours is like a box of chocolates  – and not the Revels kind, more Forrest Gump style! You can get this blog in pretty much any format you wish now. Using the links on the right hand side you can subscribe to and have it drop into your email inbox or just drop by now and then by coming directly to the web address. For those who like to interact a bit more there’s a Twitter feed @vintagevapours and now to add to it all you can find me on Facebook at 

So why not make that a favourite link or just like the page and I’ll pop up in your newsfeed  so you never have to miss out knowing there’s a new blog post, or event you could be taking an interest, or a new video posted of some of the most foot-tapping, twirling jive tunes I can find 😉

facebook front page

So c’mon – don’t be shy – get to know Vintage Vapours and share in the passion for vintage fashion!


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If the shoe fits… I’ll take three pairs!

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”… Marilyn Monroe

I have many passions in life and they come and go – like my handbag collection which used to be my all consuming interest but is now a mere bagatelle. But there is one love which has remained constant throughout the years – my love of shoes 🙂

A recent clear out resulted in three in the dustbin, 16 off to the local charity shop and just 57 pairs left (not counting the trainers and knee high boots). Once I discovered the world of vintage it was just a matter of time before vintage footwear began to appear in my footcloset. I use that term lightly as I actually mean new/reproduction – footwear is like underwear – too personal to have had a previous owner as far as I am concerned!

My favourite pair is a Remix blue and white laceup set that goes brilliantly with anything navy whether jeans rolled up at at the hem, wide leg navy trousers with deep turnups or a blue and white pinstripe pinafore trousers. With a low wedge heel they are incredibly comfy and easy to be in all day whether that’s to the office, out for dinner or dancing all day and night 🙂

Shoes glorious shoes! – vintage reproductions

And there in lies the reason most of my vintage shoes come from Rocket Originals. This firm prides itself, quite rightly, on remaking shoes based on original designs from the 1940s and 1950s. And knowing that many people will be using them for dancing sometimes add in a few new features such as cushioned innersoles so you can keep going the whole night long. I can certainly testify to how brill their shoes are having rocked around the clock at events like the Rhythm Riot which is a full weekender.

Rocket Original designs are, fortunately for me, just within my price range and not as exorbitant as some of the shoes I have seen out there. I would love to buy more shoes from Re-Mix which is a USA based company but their prices are out of this world, not to mention shipping costs 😦  I’ve visited Johnson’s Shoes, here in the UK, which is where I got my Re-Mix set from but he doesn’t have many choices/styles and the prices can be a bit steep as he also has to import them (but my pair are worth every penny!).  Revival is a new one on the scene, and they recently opened a shop in London. They have some good styles – particularly if you are in to the 1920s and 30s, and the prices do vary between what I think is pretty reasonable to the “I need a sugar-daddy” level lol!

Vintage-inspired footwear is also something I keep an eye out for and last year found myself buying the same pair in three different colours as I’m a firm believer in grab it while you can cos you never know when it will disappear and not come back! Believe it or not these beauties are Hush Puppies 😛

If you love it and the price is right then why stop at one colour??

I am always on the lookout for places to shop for vintage-looking shoes so do drop me a line if you know of any more please.


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Hi and welcome to Vintage Vapours

So vintage…so modern!

Hi and welcome to my blog Vintage Vapours. My recent love affair with all things vintage from the 1940s and 1950s began a few years ago but has recently really taken off.

I’m a bit of a lost soul as no one amongst my family or friends shares my interest whatsoever and I often find myself either begging my long-suffering partner to attend an event with me, or just biting the bullet and going along by myself 😦

Thankfully the folks I meet at many events are really cool and a sociable lot so I don’t often feel like a spare wheel or worse still a voyeur! But this year I decided that things had to change and I need to make more of an effort to find like-minded people who want to go to events, share tips on clothing, music venues and indeed anything else to do with this era 🙂

I thought I would start this blog as a way of following my journey and hopefully reaching out to others who are more than happy to pass on their knowledge. I truly welcome your comments and am happy to link to other people’s blogs – (I’ve seen some great ones out there and am becoming quite an avid follower of one or two of you!)

“Vintage Vapours – fits of passion for vintage fashion”, is very much a work in progress so bear with me as I bimble along on my journey 😉


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