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Forget the Oscars…have you got a Liebster Award?

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‘Tis the season to be jolly – well let’s face it Spring has finally sprung and if that doesn’t make you feel like you’re a winner then you must be six feet under!

I am indeed an award winner as earlier this year received I a Liebster award from Adele of My Last Dollar Dress. You can check out her blog here. As I understand it, a Liebster award encourages people to share information about themselves and promote other bloggers who have less than 200 followers. You answer 11 things about yourself, then set up another 11 questions and choose up to 11 candidates.Go to their pages/Twitter to let them know and hey presto, it’s their turn.

Well so far so good – I think I can manage that and it certainly made me think for a minute or two šŸ™‚

Here are my responses to Adele’s questions.

1) What is your favourite flower?

IĀ  must be the only girl in the world who doesn’t like getting flowers! I’m so lazy I really can’t be bothered with that cutting of stalks, feeding food and refreshing the water. Can I say I like flowers in my jewellery? I have loads of earrings and brooches in different flower shapes – and they don’t fade or die off!

2) Who is your favourite designer?

Haven’t got one – I always think dressing well is about knowing your personal style and body shape rather than a slave to any one designer. Well cut skirts and dresses including evening wear, fitted tops, high waisted trousers and fitted jackets from just about anywhere are my thing. I will say that for vintage repro I do tend to get my tops and shoes from Rocket Originals and all my jeans are from Freddies of Pinewood as no one does anything half so well as them!

3) Who was your favourite teacher at school?

I actually have three who made a major impact on me. The first was the new headteacher in my last year of primary school, Lionel Riches (yes that really was his name!). He was the first authority figure in my life who ever actually asked me on any of the occasions WHY I did something that had got me into trouble rather than just punishing me. The others were my English teacher Lorraine Kelleher and head of House Fran Long, at my secondary school. Lorraine fed my love of English with so many extra books and worked my socks off to get me thinking and end my boredom and Fran taught me how to get a handle on my temper. Can honestly say that those three, rather than my parents set my feet on the path to being a reasonable and useful member of society šŸ˜‰

4) Do you have any inspirational quotes that you love?

I’m always seeing quotes all over the place that inspire me and tend to copy them onto the covers of my notepads. Just recently there was one for Jack Daniels Whiskey that said “No one ever built a monument to a committee” – that really made me stop, think and chuckle.Ā  But two of my favourites are Jenny Lauren who said “Love your body – it’s the home you live in” and my own personal mantra is “If you go through life without making choices and allow life to make them for you, then you deserve everything that happens to you. Life is for living so choose to live.”

5) If you could be granted 3 wishes, what would you wish for?

Great health 100% of the time – Generally I’m in pretty good shape but I could definitely do without the migraines i sometimes get. And Time – I never seem to have enough so that would be wonderful. I’m not greedy so those two wishes would be good enough for me šŸ™‚ although world peace wouldn’t be a bad choice for number three!

6) If you had to choose only one pair of shoes to wear for the rest of your life, and throw away the rest, which pair would you save?

Only one pair! For a woman who owns more than 70 pairs I think that’s an impossible choice. Different shoes are needed for different occasions! I just don’t think I could get it down to one choice. But if I was walking around the countryside for the rest of my life I’d want my rugged boots whereas if I was dancing and sharing an evening with family and friends I’d take my metallic red kitten heeled ribbon bow tied ones!

7) Do you have a favourite store on etsy – vintage or otherwise?

Nope! But my favourite vintage store is Ollie Vees in Leighton Buzzard – everything from records to buttons and zips and recently they added a coffee bar. Every time I even peek through the window on my way home after they’re shut I see something I must have and find myself phoning up to reserve it!!

8) Describe your perfect day.

Waking up without an alarm, then spending time walking outdoors with my guy before dressing up for cinema and dinner at the Rex and the Gatsby in Berkhamsted – a 1930s refurbished cinema and restaurant.

9) How long do you think you’ll continue to blog?

For as long as I can find the time! and interesting things to share. I started the blog to reach out to others with the same interests since no family or friends are remotely interested in the 1940s and 1950s.

10) Recommend a musician/band that I should listen to.

Si Cranstoun – anything he sings just makes you want to start jiving.

11) What is your favourite thing about yourself?

My capacity to adapt. I’m quite a girly girl and love dressing up but I can just as easily deal with a blocked washing machine or get covered in grease tackling the broken side stand of my motorbike rather than wait for my bloke to rescue me. Although if I truly am at risk of breaking a nail I’m pleased that my guy is happy to step up and be my hero šŸ™‚


Award picNow I will admit that I got nominated in February and meant to respond straightaway but as you can see time did indeed march on without me and we’re almost at the end of April. So I won’t take it personally if any of my nominees do the same or fail to respond šŸ˜›

And I nominate:

I’ve added links where I can so you can also go straight to their blogs.

question markAnd here are my questions:

  1. How or where did your love of vintage begin?
  2. If there was one person, dead or alive, whom you could style, who would it be and why?
  3. Why did you start your blog?
  4. Recommend a good book to me whether it’s instructional, factual or fictional?
  5. Who do you credit with having the biggest impact on you?
  6. What do you like best about yourself?
  7. Recommend a great cafe and say why?
  8. Chocolate or alcohol?
  9. Flats or high heels?
  10. What three things can’t you live without (apart from immediate family, partner or pet)?
  11. If I gave you Ā£100 what would you spend it on?

I look forward to reading your answers, and my thanks to Adele for nominating me for my first Liebster award!



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