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The Lamours – Lola’s little (big) band kicks off.

Forget everything you know about Lola Lamour – when she performs with The Lamours it’s a whole new experience – and a great one at that 🙂

I’ve been a fan of Lola’s since I first saw her at Twinwood several years ago – it’s like she stepped out of the 1940s, with perfect vintage hairdos and outfits, and a wonderful singing style. This being my only experience of her when I heard she’d formed a 13-piece band last year I thought it would be a night out in her usual style.


Well that will teach me to actually read the blurb 😉 – the website is quite clear that her “youthful and energetic young band has an eclectic mix of music genres spanning seven decades done in their own unique style.  Contrasting styles and tempos combining fabulous melodies with hypnotic rhythms. Swing, Soul, Tango, Blues, Samba, and Rockabilly all amazingly but effortlessly follow each other and are connected beautifully.”

And they don’t disappoint – kicking off with Soft Cells Tainted Love, it’s an explosion of new and old sounds such as What Lola Wants, Love Potion No 9 and Chilli Dippin Baby interspersed with the Black Eyed Peas I got a Feeling, and Mick Jagger’s Satisfaction. There’s even a knock out version of Britney Spears  Oops I did it again. I never in a thousand years would have thought I would be mesmerized by hearing that tune but The Lamours fire it up in great style 😛

Seeing them begin their new season at The Stables, Milton Keynes on Saturday (23 March) was a thoroughly enjoyable night. The mix of rockabilly, swing, samba and twist on modern tunes is seamless and the skills of the individual band members are excellent. Spotlights for piano, electric guitar and trumpet highlight how talented these players are – and as for the scatting, well that certainly earned some well deserved applause.

I’ve never seen such a youthful group playing with the ease of old hands! They know their stuff, clearly enjoy it and you are getting a professional worth-paying-for night out – and of course lets not forget the lovely Lola. Her great comic patter certainly brings a smile to our faces and her voice and delivery are on fine form as she knocks out those tunes with showman style.

I would definitely go to see them again and highly recommend them – take a look at their website for just a taste of what they have to offer. And I’m delighted to find that they’ll be at Twinwood on the Sunday which is the day I’ll be going. Regardless of what they’ll be singing I know we’ll be in for a treat.

lamours night outSo what does one wear to an evening to listen to The Lamours? Well you can certainly go along in jeans and trainers if you like but I love any opportunity to dress up. I defied snow and ice (and nearly fell over twice – eek!) to wear my satin Vivien of Holloway Grace circle dress and was lucky enough to be complimented by not one but three ladies 🙂


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Hi and welcome to Vintage Vapours

So vintage…so modern!

Hi and welcome to my blog Vintage Vapours. My recent love affair with all things vintage from the 1940s and 1950s began a few years ago but has recently really taken off.

I’m a bit of a lost soul as no one amongst my family or friends shares my interest whatsoever and I often find myself either begging my long-suffering partner to attend an event with me, or just biting the bullet and going along by myself 😦

Thankfully the folks I meet at many events are really cool and a sociable lot so I don’t often feel like a spare wheel or worse still a voyeur! But this year I decided that things had to change and I need to make more of an effort to find like-minded people who want to go to events, share tips on clothing, music venues and indeed anything else to do with this era 🙂

I thought I would start this blog as a way of following my journey and hopefully reaching out to others who are more than happy to pass on their knowledge. I truly welcome your comments and am happy to link to other people’s blogs – (I’ve seen some great ones out there and am becoming quite an avid follower of one or two of you!)

“Vintage Vapours – fits of passion for vintage fashion”, is very much a work in progress so bear with me as I bimble along on my journey 😉


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